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During the years engaged in Internet WEBDNA team found that existing customers are the key to success. We invest the most resources to provide our customers with professional solutions that provides peace of mind and stability of internet media .


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German is one of the languages with the highest penetration rate in the Internet. Native German speakers occupy around 6% of internet users in the world and most of them are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

SEO in German: In the German language, we perform keyword search that is directly in German and we don’t use translated keywords that came up in the English search engines. 
German is not translated directly because there are many meanings to the same word in German, unlike English, French and Spanish. 

One of the main part of overseas website development is the optimization of the website into German. We are working with professional translators who combine grammatically correct language with appropriate, professional marketing keywords. 

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Fill in your details and the details of your project, and our representative will contact you in a few minutes.

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