During the years engaged in Internet WEBDNA team found that existing customers are the key to success. We invest the most resources to provide our customers with professional solutions that provides peace of mind and stability of internet media .

Introduction to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the way to ameliorate a web site and found as The best way to increase the amount of visitors to the site. There are many different ways to promote websites,.Sometimes promotion is to make sure that the site is built in such a way that search engines can understand.The most important thing in SEO is to think about the user, we belive that when the user is happy google is happy.

Tools for SEO

In today's market there are a lot of programs and grants Web tools for monitoring relevant keywords. Most of the software you will find a simple Google search.We recommend to use the tools that Google provides cuse "Google is the name of the game" at list for now...

Problem of Duplicate Content

There are many sites on the net with lots of information and sometimes it seems that it is impossible to write something yet to be written. But the idea is that users would be interested in your content and find it of interest relevant to what they are looking for.Google is looking to provide its users with relevant answers. Relevant content of your products or services and if possible go down to the smallest details you can find.

Optimizing Content

In addition to Organic SEO service provided with a search engine, we recommend our clients to take basic training in the field in order to make optimization for the site content.Customers that making their own websites content optimization can benefit from saving time in the progress and upload the website with the relevant content for Google to index.

Optimizing Images

To perform optimizing images There are several things we need to do. Some operations are not upload photos that take them time to load before they pop-up screen. The goal is to not make the user wait until the image is loaded.And a variety of ways to help the search engines locate relevant images to the inquisitive users...

Internet Marketing

Organic SEO marketing strategy is not the only way to promote your business on the Web. We believe that every business finds its way to the relevant target audience and the ROI is all ways on his side markeying in the web is not a simple job and you should try until you get your SuccessSome businesses prefer to promote PPC, CPL, CPM, PPL and some prefer to advertise on websites with lots of traffic. The question is what will work for you? 


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